The How: Cybersecurity Products and Services

This page is and will remain a work in progress

Most of this site focuses on what to do/not do and why. This pages looks at the “how” with lists of types of defenses, actions and (will) list some of the myriad companies providing cybersecurity products and services. 

The many challenges that are faced include:

Categorizing the types of defenses needed from the list below

  1. Understanding what function is in a solution described by a marketing term (SASE, SSE, Threat Intelligence, XDR Anti-Virus, BEC/AntiPhishing, come to mind)
  2. Comparing how well one product performs v. another while prioritizing the importance of the functions v. nice to have!
  3. Decision to use a Managed Security Servces Provider(MSSP) v. inhouse defenses based and location of operations and  budget
  4. Cloud, Multi-Cloud and inhouse center for gravity
  5. Previously selected defenses in use
  6. Trustworthiness and Verification of third party suppliers (part of oure Security as a Service offering)
  7. The importance of prioritizing  non-IT -based defenses (e.g. Anti-Phishing Training, Insider Threat Strategies, Automated Asset Curation, etc.)

To be clear none of the companies that will be listed represent recommendations but are intended as potential suppliers of solutions.

To Be Continued …