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CyberPedia Intelligence


More than the most comprehensive glossary of terms . . .

Our CyberPedia Page looks beyond the vested interest and bias to disect the latest cybersecurity terms and ideas. Click here to access.

  • 318 Definitions of cybersecurity terms (March 2024)
  • 100+ Threat Types
  • 50 Defensive Tool Types
  • 27 Packaged Solution Types
  • 87 Acronyms
  • Insider perspective separates actual functions from marketing hype

An Introduction to Holistic Cybersecurity

Most Cybersecurity services and products focus on Information Technology, selling branded solutions, missing critical actions, impacting the entire organization, leaving weak links to be exploited.

This new Holistic Approach To Cybersecurity covers all aspects of your organization, large & small, starting with the Exec team  plus your suppliers and contractors.

Transformative not just informative, it gives guidance on 100 actions in the mind-bending world of Cybersecurity that moves faster than you can read about it. It looks at long-term causes, the latest scary threats covers the latest IT innovations and Zero Trust strategies to address these threats and reduce risk.


If it enables you to mitigate the most vulnerable threats to your organization’s existence, then this work will have succeeded.

I wrote this for those executives who have neither the time nor inclination to read it! If it’s not understood or adopted by the organization’s leadership, it will likely fail.
For CSO/CISOs it’s a checklist of what’s needed to implement Holistic Cybersecurity. If you are not part of the executive team or don’t have a dedicated security or IT resource, it will bring awareness of its holistic nature and delegation to providers.

The title of the book: “Hey, Who Left the Back Door Open?” The strength of the front door doesn’t matter if the back door is left open. Oh, and in today’s Cloud-oriented world, there are no walls, let alone a back door to defend – and anyway, the enemy is likely already inside!


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