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About Cybyr.com

An independent resource providing guidance on all aspects of Cybersecurity drawn from decades of experience of software, networking, security and testing. 

An uncompromising approach to a subject that encompasses the entire ecosystem of your working and personal life. It’s why taking a holistic view of a topic that is changing daily is the only viable approach.


To get started, the site features the new book on “Holistic Cybersecurity,” introductory videos, recent blogs and articles on Security in the Network Cloud, Zero Trust and a special video that complements ExO business methodologies. The site draws on the latest in network technologies, architectures, automation that are intertwined with robust cybersecurity. 

This site is also an exploration, a journey. It’s added the concepts of applyiing Zero Trust to delegation, and the developing stories of Network as a Service, board-level cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure. What began as a glossary of around 50 terms has grown to 280+ in the last year and commentaries on 100+ news items culled from 80,000+ in 2023 alone. My exploration continues to grow with involvement in the Cloud Security Alliance. In 2024 there will be much more to add. Stay tuned.

Current/Recent Industry Contributions

Contributing Member: (MEF
Personal Contributor 2018-2024 to the development of MEF 118 Zero Trust Framework (Published November 2022). 2024 participant in MEF 118.1 Zero Trust, MEF 138: Secure IP services, MEF 117.1 SASE Services. etc.
Previously as Chair of the MEF Board 2003-2006, VP Marketing 2002-2006, Marketing services 2006-2013.

Contributing Member: Open Network User Group (ONUG)
ONUG Collaborative: 2019-2024: Network as a Service, Operational Technology, Zero Trust Security groups.
Previously, Network Cloud,  Multi-Cloud Migration, Cybersecurity and Zero Trust. ONUG conference speaker, videos, blogs, etc.


Contributing Member 2023-2024: Cloud Security Alliance
Zero Trust Contributor: Full Working Group, Zero Trust Critical Infrastructure group, etc.
2019-2024 Exponential Organizations
Certified Consultant and Certified Sprint Coach, Contributor, Speaker
2023 Contributor
2023-2024 Appointed Network and Security Expert, ISE Magazine

Regular articles contributed – see links on this site.
2022/3 “Hey, Who Left the Back Door Open?” – A  Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity published as a paperback and E-Book on Amazon. Fourth Edition published February 2023

Further Information

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