Various Podcasts and Blogs on Cybersecurity and Networking

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hotel Holistic Cybersecurity and ExOs Discover how Holistic Cybersecurity both uses and complements the Exponential Organization (ExO) methodology in use by more than 25,000 consultants worldwide. Click here to read the article.
hotel Services, Connections & Security For The Network Cloud Leaders from ONUG’s Network Cloud working group discuss critical network strategies that will affect your company’s digital transformation. In this podcast, we will be discussing:
  1. Evolving connectivity patterns
  2. How to address your “security overlay”
  3. What is the future of managed network services?
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hotel Building the New Network Cloud Playbook ONUG’s Network Cloud Working Group explores the meaning of agile, elastic Infrastructure in today’s multi-cloud world.
hotel Using the ONUG Network Cloud Playbook Using the playbook to build more secure networks in today’s hybrid, multi-cloud & edge deployments. This podcast is the 4th installment of the Network Cloud Working Group’s overview of their recently published Playbook, which tackles many important topics in multi-cloud deployments as well as network agility and elasticity.  This episode focuses on the important aspects of security when building your networks and there is so much to learn from these experts.Click here to listen to the podcast.
hotel Zero Trust: An Overnight Sensation Decades Later Years after the term was coined by Stephen Paul Marsh in 1994 and popularized by John Kindervag more than a decade ago, Zero Trust has become the “new” security solution that addresses the confluence of today’s three critical factors and the emergence of what amounts to a cyber-war on businesses and governments. Click here to read the blog.