Featuring CybyrScore Guidance and Rating System

Introducing our unique services that take your organization to a new level of cybersecurity. 

CybyrScore is a dynamic software and service companion covering 15 areas of your organization and its surrounding ecosystem.

CybyrScore rates your overall Holistic Cybersecurity posture and gives state-of-the-art guidance on the most important actions to take to strengthen any weak links. After taking these actions simply return for the next steps to take. Your improvement is measured as you progress. It doesn’t pull any punches as you learn how to deflect attacks to those less aware.

Even the excellent Security Scorecard rates only IT defense capabilities but leaves two thirds of your organization’s business system vulnerable. CybyrScore covers all areas of your organization.

Further it provides advice on the most pressing actions to strengthen as new threats appear over time. It addresses challenging tasks such as delegation of cybersecurity to outside suppliers, encompases Zero Trust and Zero Day attacks. Its 2023 intelligence is grounded on the latest enterprise and provider thinking on this mind-bending topic, adapting dynamically to advise you on the next important actions for you take.

Cybyr Starter

Getting started with Holistic Cybersecurity

Get your cybersecurity reality check
Top 20 Holistic  Cybersecurity Imperatives.
Rate your Cybersecurity with CybyrScore 1
Introduction to the book and other resources
Your top recommended actions

Holistic Cybersecurity

Tuned to Your Organization

Take steps to de-stress cybersecurity
Escorted Tour of Holistic Cybersecurity tailored to your organization
Rate your Cybersecurity with CybyrScore 2
Detail Cybersecurity Score
Targets and Outline Action Plan
Two Six month reviews, updated rview and new actions


Complete Custom Holistic Cybersecurity

Become a Cybersecure organization
Escorted Tour of Holistic Cybersecurity, 20+ copies of the Book
Executive Team Actions
ExO Methodology for Introducing disruptive Tech
Department-by-Department Analysis
Supply Chain, and outsource analysis
Full CybyrScore 3 analysis and  Playbook.
Strengthening 100+ weak links
Quarterly Update, progress chart and new actions
Deploying Zero Trust in your ecosystem
Marketing your new security leadership
Progress to Certification

Cybyr Services

for the IT Industry

Provider, MSP and Supplier Cybersecurity Services
Full custom services offered to enterprises and government clients as part of an overall integrator, supplier or provider  IT/OT solutions.