Independent Service to Fast-Track Your Risk Reduction

Security Just Became Both More Important and Much Easier!

The Board/Executive Team Catch-22

Without a holistic approach to cybersecurity covering the whole organization there is little chance of protecting it from cyber-attacks.

Without understanding the impact of cybersecurity on business, HR, marketing, sales and governance, the board will not be able to integrate cybersecurity as a competitive and commercial advantage.

With CISO cybersecurity expertise limited to IT, advice to the board, there is no way for the board understand that a holistic security policy or strategy is required. Most cybersecurity experts are not business experts.

Why Cybersecurity Suddenly Became a
Business-focused, Board Imperative

The following U.S Government initiatives flip board involvement and oversight to an imperative that is both and imperative that reduces liability and creates a competitive advantage:

Note on international applicability: This ruling will apply to all companies (U.S. or International) doing business in the U.S. and is also likely to be adopted internationally just as the EU’s GDPR standard has been adopted in the U.S. and elsewhere. For companies operating internationally, this could be an opportunity to strengthen their cybersecurity by aligning with the highest standard and its own markets as competitive differentiation.

You Are Not Alone

  • Only 32% of boards have designated board members who provide cybersecurity oversight.
  • Only 7% of boards have actual cybersecurity experience. It’s slowly changing and a new breed of cybersecurity consultancy is bridging the gap.
  • Most Cybersecurity experts don’t speak the board’s language of business, sales, marketing, or even get the importance of compliance – and so are not part of the executive team
  • Boards mistakenly think that cybersecurity is just an IT problem – it absolutely is not. 
  • Persistent views like: we spent millions on security. solutions, we have insurance, and other nonsense are a fast-track to disaster.

 What could possibly go wrong?

  • Almost all cybersecurity incidents begin with non-IT reasons, & lack of board oversight. Don’t add your name to the list of those who have lost millions in ransomware payments. It’s not that hard.
  • MGM Resorts, Boeing, Okta, Solar Winds, Dallas and 100s more this year were all preventable with our simple board-level service. 
  • Act now, while you can.

Risk Reduction is Simple – Let’s get Started! 

  • brings board-level cybersecurity oversight and communication skills that span both business and technical acumen without the fog of jargons and irritating acronyms,
  • The majority of holistic cybersecurity best practices do not require the board to be technical experts.
  • The best way to get started, is to get started! It’s all basic common sense.

Board/Executive Team Service

  • Reports on your whole organization’s cybersecurity status based on department-wide interviews.
  • Analyzes/rates your weak links/risks, recommends around 12 actions and predictable risk reduction.
  • Brings understand of cybersecurity compliance to reduce liability, increase competitiveness.
  • Brings State-of-the-art Zero Trust methodology to delegate, verify and vet third party supply chains.
  • Review/Create your security policy, based on risk and budget – and security expertise present
  • Review/Create your security strategy – your measurable quarterly plan of action.
  • Regular quarterly report on risk reduction and next actions.
  • Monthly awareness report. 

Note: Implementation of recommendations is available but is beyond the scope of the Initial Board-Level Service

Not In Scope

  • Recommendation on specific security services
  • Detailed comparing, vetting and verification of software and other supply chain companies their service or products.
  • Set up, testing and ongoinging monitoring of asset curation, recovery, etc.
  • Test your resilience and response.
  • Shape and secure your IT/NaaS strategy to minimize your attack surface.
  • Choosing and implementing testing holistic avoidance/prevention/detection recommendations such as  anti-phishing, anti-malware software, selected Network as a Service or cloud porvider services.
  • Implementing Zero Trust services, Identity, authentication, access, policy, least privilege, lateral movement, etc., monitoring.
  • Esuring adoption of Zero Trust as a state of mind: “Never Trust, Continually Verify” everywhere.
  • Implementing automation everywhere: personal devices, software updates, asset curation.
  • Implementing automated network and web sites, people threats, event notifications and testing,